MILITARIZATION: Forging an Art-Military-Industrial Complex to ensure real results and wide-ranging effects of art on the wider world

First presented at 'Is Thought Action?', a conference organized by the NETHERLANDS INSTITUTE FOR CULTURAL ANALYSIS, this paper proposes a militarization of the arts by forging an Art-Military-Industrial Complex. What better way to measure art and humanities' results and effects on the wider world than to engage with the singular politico-industrial poly-entity which has constantly and consistently affected so many aspects of our lives, beyond the scope of our awareness? Here, we address historical and contemporary influences of militarism as well as existing relations between art and militarization. Taking as a reference point the Military-Academic Complex in the US, we can re-forge the so-called "iron triangle" (and funding mechanism) of military agencies, science industries, and research universities by inserting the art-academic industry as a primary vertex in the equation. Esperanto aside, warfare is the most universally understood mode of communicating; why not capitalize on this commonality to promote inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional, inter-industrial dialogue?

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