A GRAMMAR OF ORNAMENT, an exhibition and décor, Jakobstads Museum, Jakobstad, Finland, 2014
in collaboration with Anna Maria Łuczak

The Malm House of the Jakobstads Museum was host to the artists, who presented their services of interior decorating alongside an exhibition in the marbled dining room. Formerly the home of shipping magnate Otto Malm, the house was established as an historic museum centered on Jakobstad and maritime matters in 1904.

Here, the deployment of the decorative extends from ornamental embellishment, surfaces, finishings, and furnishings to include minor structural changes in grammars of display. The décor is inflected with the immutability of marble, the glint of gold, and the high-speed potential of chroma-key green.

Interior decorators to a curated past. Wallpaper is just a premise.